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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It Must Be Bunnies!

Pippy's bunny bento box came in yesterday! I ordered it on the 5th, so it has been a long wait. This is the first time I ever heard her squeal about a lunch box. It took me forever to find it for sale, but I found it at CasaBento and it was on sale. This was good because I really shouldn't have spent the money that I did. This is the first time I ever packed a shaped bento, so bear with me.

In the small container is some fried rice sans egg because that is found in the larger section. On top of that I tried to craft a rabbit with provolone and nori. I was supposed to have bologna for this, but it disappeared in the refrigerator of doom. Yes, he looks quite maniacal. In the bigger section there is tamagoyaki, but I didn't flavor it because I forgot. Still, it is yummy. There are also three mini egg rolls that I baked last night and some broccoflower. Can you see the tiny bell peppers? Absolutely adorable. I will probably stuff them for another bento this week, but today they add some red to the box and Pippy likes them.

Fried rice with Thai peppers (which were not hot), carrots, onions, garlic and peas flavored with soy and mirin.

Scary huh? How on earth can you cut nori with a straw? I had a metal one and I couldn't do it.

The main attraction. As you can see I need a lot of practice to learn to pack this shape properly.

All ready to go, isn't it adorable?

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