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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last night I made some homemade pickled cucumbers to sit overnight in the refrigerator. Then I boiled and simmered aburaage in a nice soy and sugar sauce for the inarizushi. This morning was relatively simple, although my dear hubby forgot to turn on the rice when he woke up. We have rice in the freezer, but I was guessing that fresh is better for sushi rice and also I had more than one serving of the aburaage. Because there was so much I made a bento for the older child too. This morning went pretty smoothly after that. I made the sushi rice, adding bottled sushi seasoning and fanning at it while stirring it around a bit. Then I turned down the edges of half of the aburaage. After, I made little sushi rice balls and stuffed them in. I didn't roll down the ones for my eldest because the box I used had high sides. I also sliced some sweet potato very thinly with a vegetable peeler and deep fried them. Since there was still room in Pippy's box I added some blueberries as a filler.
The pictures are coming out horrible lately. I can't seem to turn off the flash on my camera and it washes everything out. Still, here they are.

Should I make a "light box"? Maybe with black sides to eliminate the glare? I am at a loss. **Edit: I figured out how to turn off the flash. Pippy is at school with her lunch, but Catherine's bento is still here, so here is a better picture of it.


  1. Love Inari Sushi! And love the inari skins a lot. You just reminded me that I still have some in the fridge. What happened? Over exposure? Check out your camera setting and flash should be off too.

  2. I finally found it! I had to find the manual online since this was given to me and I had no idea how to work it. Better pictures for next time!

  3. looks much better. she did a good job fixing the color and they look yummy =D

  4. I like it better too, now I won't dread taking pictures anymore!

  5. Love inarizushi! Nice and tasty bento :)