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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Bentos

Today is my long day at school, so I made a bento for myself too. They are both completely different because we only have one thermos and Pippy wanted soup today. Sadly, it is not homemade. I only took a picture of her sandwich box though, which has a bologna and cheese sandwich, crusts removed and a whole kiwi. Yes, it is lacking in the vegetable department, but the soup has some such as it is. I didn't take a picture of the thermos because, well, it is a thermos.

My bento has vanilla yogurt from Weight Watchers which is much sweeter than I expected. In the smaller container I have some apple granola and around that some blueberries and two Hob Nob cookies that we got at Union Jack on RTE 1. I love those little specialty stores.

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