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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Rushed

For some reason my alarm clock decided not to wake me up this morning. I rechecked everything and I had all the right buttons pushed, but it didn't want to work. So, my best laid plans hit a snafu. I decided to do at least some of it, which included fried tofu. Imagine my surprise when I opened the tofu container and found it already diced! Someone must love me. So, she got some fried tofu with a little soy mixed in but not too much because we both like our tofu crispy. I also blanched some broccoli florets and interspersed them with grape tomatoes like I saw in the The Just Bento Cookbook.  Then I sliced some kiwi because it is Pippy's new favorite food, at least for now.


  1. You said she eats this all cold right? My son loves tofu too but I dont think he'd go for it cold.

  2. It is more like room temp, but in this weather it does get pretty cold. She loves it as long as it is crispy. I have had it cold too and it is good, though it needs a little soy when you serve it with something bland like rice. :) It is amazing the things she will eat in a bento that she will not go for at dinner time.