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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Star of the Day

This was a simple meal, but required quite a bit of cooking. I used stars because it is a little early for Valentine hearts. We start our holidays way too early sometimes. Pippy should like this because of the fried rice and I am hoping that the squash has enough crispiness to it so that she eats it. I also have to get on her to clean out her boxes. She still hasn't done the one from yesterday. Apparently she hasn't learned her lesson from the moldy bento that required us to throw the box out.

The squash has some blackened bits, but she claims that she likes them that way. Also on the top is a mini blueberry muffin, some rainbow radishes cut into star shapes and leftover chicken cutlet. On the bottom is stir fried rice with carrots and red bell peppers and it is covered by an egg omelet of sorts. It is hard to see, but I placed the cut outs from the stars on either side. While this is a texturally interesting meal, I wish I had some greens in it. Even if I had some (I may have some spinach squirrelled away) there wasn't any room for it.

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