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Friday, January 28, 2011

New Bento Box

My children say I have a bento problem. They are probably right, but how can I resist the squeal of Pippy when she sees one she really likes? That and I did need a couple more big silicon cups.

Today's bento is a combination of two I found in different books. The rice and candied sweet potatoes were from Kawaii Bento Boxes and The Just Bento Cookbook. The layout is from Kawaii Bento, but I think I would have done something similar as it is fairly regular. I also made the sauce on top of the tofu nuggets from that book. From the Just Bento book, I made the tofu nuggets. I messed them up though. I didn't cook the green onion and ginger first so they have a strong flavor, though I am not sure why they didn't hold together very well.  Still, they should taste good, especially with the glaze. The scrambled egg with vegetables also came from Kawaii Bento Boxes.

I really don't like that there are bare spaces, but I didn't have anything that would fill them nicely, at least not at 6 in the morning. I made the tofu nuggets last night rather than this morning to cut down on my work time, plus the rice is from Wednesday.

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