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Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy Going Monday

Today's bento has a few different elements. It was pretty simple and took about 20 minutes to cook everything and set it up. In the big tier there are udon noodles that I tossed in some sesame oil (to prevent sticking), soy, mirin and a little hot sauce. Pippy confided in me that she is not opposed to a little bit of spiciness in her food. On the other tier are some shrimp and pork dumplings that I steamed in the microwave using my microwave steamer. There is also some burdock root salad that I got from Ebisuya that is in the next town over. I love that place as I am always finding new things as I explore Japanese cooking. There is also some pickled radishes, also from Ebisuya.
I also noticed that I haven't shown off Pippy's new rabbit bento box that we got at Ohayobento along with a lamb box, some fruit picks and some super cute flower silicon cups that I can't wait to use. I wrapped it all with a cloth from my Ecolunchbox which Pippy doesn't really like but I adore. It is perfect for me as long as I pack it tightly.
Pippy and I picked out some fabric to make more clothes for wrapping the bento in. Only two of her boxes comes with bags. I also need to get some wide elastic because she has a couple that don't have them. Right now we are using one from another box. Hopefully I will get some time to make the clothes soon. I just need to decide whether to hand stick them in the traditional running stitch way, or cave and use my daughter's sewing machine.

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