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Monday, January 24, 2011

Onigiri Bento

Today Pippy wanted an onigiri bento, with stuffed onigiri. Last night I thawed a couple chicken tenderloins that I had flash frozen individually so I could just take out what I need. I have to say, these tenderloins are perfect for bento. I took out two, but really only needed one. Then I sliced up some mini bell peppers, stir fried that, took it out of the pan and stir fried the chicken. I added some hoisin sauce and let it simmer a bit. Then I took out some of the chicken and added the bell pepper to the rest. I chopped up the chicken I removed very small and used it to stuff the onigiri this morning. Last night I also cut some carrots and watermelon radish into flowers (I couldn't find my mine heart cutter! So sad.) for one side and filled the other cup with frozen mango. This morning I just stuffed the onigiri using freezer stashed rice, wrapped them with some sesame seed soy paper and make the rabbit. In the small section you will also see my horrible attempt at a radish flower. I think I may try a mushroom next time.

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