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Thursday, June 10, 2010

BBQ Meatballs

Paige loves barbecue almost as much as she likes rice. Put the together and she is in heaven. This was her request for yesterday, but I forgot. Much of this box could be found in the freezer from my stash, which made things very easy this morning.

As an aside, I made crab cakes for dinner yesterday with some imitation crab I got as the grocery on sale. It does have a little bit of a fishy flavor and I had to completely wing it on the mix because all the recipes I found included ingredients that I didn't have on hand. They ended up pretty crumbly, but Paige actually like them. Go figure. So, crumbly crab cakes should make an appearance in her bento tomorrow.

On the left top there is cut up watermelon, can't let that go to waste, along with some blueberries (both were on sale). Then there are some sugar snap peas from a couple of weeks ago that were stringed and of course washed. In the cup are the turkey meatballs smothered in the dregs of the BBQ sauce I had left in the refrigerator. Then of course there is the rice. She always asks for more BBQ sauce, but I didn't want to waste space with a little cup, so I just poured some on top of the rice. I don't really decorate well, but there are two "gem" picks in there for eating or just looking at. They look much pretty in person.

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