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Monday, June 7, 2010

Giving Some Thought

I am realizing that my bento days are numbered for this school year (I have about 80 pictures on my Facebook). This is all well and good, but maybe I should expand this blog a little to make up for the lack of bento lunches that will be made. Sure, there maybe one or two here and there when she goes out of what have you, but for the most part the summer won't include them.

So, seeing as I am on a strict budget this summer, I thought that I may share some of my meal ideas with everyone, just to take up some space and keep people from seeing my last bento over and over all summer long.

The other night I went to a food bank. I am not proud of this, but I am grateful that such things existed. I had some frozen meat and a few vegetables, but hardly enough for dinner's for the week never mind breakfasts and lunches. So, on Friday I used some stew beef that I got on sale about a year ago, the tomato paste and potatoes from our bags and some carrots and onions I had on hand as well as some broth I stocked up on. The result was pretty good, though next time I would use less tomato paste. Half a small can would have been fine, but I didn't want to waste anything. With that I made biscuits with my flour, almost the last of my baking powder and soda and my vegetable shortening and the powdered milk from the bag.

I was pleased with the results and the next day the leftovers were gobbled up for lunches, so I would say that it was a success.

On Saturday I used a can of the chicken from the bag, on of the few apples I have left, more of those prolific onions and mayo on top of a salad made with odd bits of vegetables. There was just enough for supper, so no leftovers, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday we just picked on ramen and such as no one really wanted to think about cooking. Today I am trying to come up with something before the crunch time comes and I totally go blank.

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