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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yum, French Toast

My kids love my french toast. It may have something to do with only using homemade egg or challah breads or the nutmeg I grind fresh into it, but whatever the reason they really like it. I was making Paige's for her lunch and as soon as I got home Catherine woke up and said "do I smell french toast?". Since she has been sleeping much later until today I took that as a compliment. She decided to make some herself, but I offered to do it for her and, unusual for her, she took me up on it. I say it is the love that makes it yummy.

I can't believe that I only have three more school bentos to make. I wish I had the money for a family sized one, it would be great for a picnic with the family as we take advantage of all the free festivals and stuff that happens in Boston all summer. I am also eyeing a couple of specialty pans and some uber cute mini muffin tins. It is my online window shopping.

I think that my next foray into packing these lunches is going to be how to pack them tightly. I am aware that some bentos have many more items in them and are practically on top of one another. The only ones I see like that (other than a couple) have all their food poking up over the top which would never do for putting the lids on.

I put in a couple of fully cooked sausage patties in there, but it is unlikely she will eat it. You never know though, she changes like the winds. Then there are french toast sticks with a dusting of powered sugar on top. Below we have the old standbys this week because it is a shame to waste food. However, I did cut the watermelon into some nicely sized star shapes adn filled out the rest with blueberries and a small container of sauce.

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