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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vegetable Medley

There is no meat in this dish. Paige generally does not like meat unless it is served up in a sauce she likes. No big deal right? Well sure if she would eat beans of some sort. She does like fried tofu, but it isn't healthy to eat a lot of non-fermented soy products.
Today I mixed up some frozen corn and peas and warmed them in the microwave for a few seconds to take the chill off, then packed in a cut green patterned, oblong holder. In the middle there is a heart shaped oatmeal cookie. I tried to write "I luv u" on it with food markers, but the surface was too rough.  We still had half a mango to use up, so it was cut up and put in a cupcake liner. I put the animal pick in there to liven it up a bit. The bottom looks pretty bland, but under those vegetable potstickers is a nicely browned bottom and the section is lined with sprouts that I grew myself in the kitchen. There is also a container of dumpling sauce in there. I wish I had something to make the dumplings look pretty. Something red would be nice, except she really only likes strawberries that are red and I had paying for their tastelessness and expense. Sometimes I will pick them up, but not regularly. That wouldn't go with the dumplings anyway.
So, that is today's bento. Not bad considering I was expecting to have rice this morning but my husband forgot to put it on for me and there wouldn't be time for it too cool. I forgot to do it yesterday, so I had no room to talk.


  1. Your sprouts look great. How do you grow them? I like pot stickers.

  2. Thank you. I just made a post about them here: They are really good to do with children too, they grow fast and the kids get to watch the whole growth process.