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Friday, June 18, 2010

Last School Bento For the Year

Today was a little bittersweet. I wanted to make a super cute bento, but my sleepiness and lack of creativity thwarted my best laid plans. It is still a nice looking lunch. Monday is actually the last day of school, but they get out early so there are no lunches.

I also am going to think about some backgrounds for future bentos. I have been taking the pictures directly on my light colored counter with lighting from over head. I can't seem to turn off the flash either, so that doesn't help.
I made three cylindrical onigiri. I was going to put red bean paste in them, but Paige doesn't really like that. I think that it is the texture that bothers her because otherwise it is yummy. I filled it in with grape tomatoes which also act as a nice accent color. In the bottom is a pile of flower shaped raw carrot and then a two egg tamagoyaki seasoned with a touch of soy. Next to that is baran and some sliced peach.  She didn't end up taking the yogurt because it wouldn't fit in her bento bag and she didn't want to bring her backpack just for a yogurt.

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