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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pantry Dinner

Most of the items in this dinner were created with things that I  have left in the pantry and freezer. The meatballs were for school bentos, but they weren't going to taste good in a couple of months, so I used them for dinner. All of the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce were regular pantry items plus pineapple from the food bank. We always have rice because we buy a big bag when my loan comes in or if we get some money in, so that was taken care of. The green beans and the garlic were from our vegetable box and the butter we have from the freezer as I buy in bulk when we have some money to do so. All in all it was a nice dinner, Paige ate two servings and even ate all of her green beans. It was a little stove top intensive for the heat, but you go with what you have.

Sweet and Sour meatballs on sticky rice with garlic butter green beans. I probably should have put a marichino cherry in there to brighten it up a bit. It looks a little bland on that white plate.

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