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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Food Round Up

Last night I made some plain sauteed chicken, but served it with some old cauliflower I found in the fridge (that stuff lasts forever!) which was first steamed then tossed in a pan sauce made from pineapple juice, butter and curry. After that I added some pineapple. I had everything in the house but the pineapple. What is good is that I used the leftover pineapple in today's bento and the dinner was eaten up, no waste! I love it when there is no waste involved.

In this bento I have quickly sauteed a small thin steak that I got pretty cheap a long time ago and it needed to be used. I added Bulldog sauce to it because that is the best way to get her to eat protein. Next to that is the leftover pineapple, blueberries and watermelon, all on sale, and since these are mostly for the bento I could buy just a small amount. Under the fruit are the peeled stems of the asparagus that the tops of are decorating the rice. Of course there is a bottle of soy for the rice. Maybe she will try raw asparagus?

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