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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something A Little Different

Normally I abhor deli meats because unless you buy the expensive stuff (and even then sometimes) you are getting a lot of salt and nitrates that are not good for a body. Still we got a very small quantity this week because roast turkey and American cheese was on sale. Despite that, the lunch is otherwise very healthy and if she eats it all she will have gotten a good meal to keep her going at school. I am trying to come up with another idea for the turkey. Even though we only got 2 dollars worth, there is still a good sized meal left.

I had a couple of tortillas left from a taco night a while ago and they were still good, so I use that with some roast turkey, white American and lettuce leaves to make these roll ups. In each of them is a gem toothpick (reusable) to make it look a little special and of course to hold the rolls together. The green kiwi container holds yellow mustard for dipping. On the bottom in the cupcake cup (waste product though, there are reusable ones on my wish list at Jbox) In there are some cucumbers, one is cut like a star and scatter over it are teeny star carrots. She hates cooked carrots, so raw it is. Then there is some fresh Mango. Even though I got them at Stop and Shop they are extremely yummy. They were on a great sale, and if I knew what else to do with them I would have got more than two.

I am also eyeballing a mini cupcake pan that is also a mold with nice designs at which are also going to have to wait, as we have far more important stuff to spend our money on. Our cupboards are pretty bare, so either this week will have cool imaginative stuff or be boring. Not sure yet.

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