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Monday, June 28, 2010

Too hot to cook, but did anyway

It is over 100 degrees if you take in the dew point factor. Still, the family needed to eat, so I set to work in front of the stove. We don't have air conditioning on because of the cost.

First I made a chicken teriyaki with chicken thighs that were on sale for .99 cents a pound. Not a great sale, but that was the best they had besides the very yummy steaks for 4.99 a pound, but I resisted. I cook the thighs skin side down with a weight on it to really get a nice brown and to really get rid of most of the fat from the skin. I could just skin them, but the skin adds to the flavor and they brown nicer. Then they simmered in a homemade teriyaki sauce.

I also made collard greens. They were sliced up and simply boiled for twenty minutes then tossed with a bit of butter (also on sale). The collards were from my produce box. With the collards were boiled fingerling potatoes, also from the produce box and also tossed with a bit of butter.

The pictures still suck, but you get the idea. I didn't use anything from a food bank for dinner, but we did for breakfast and lunch. We volunteer tomorrow, but will not take any canned goods because we have plenty of food right now.


  1. Those potatoes reminded me of mine, but I will cube them, boil the entire bag, and then put them in some type of tupperware bowl with about a 1/4 cup (or less) of olive oil, and spices, ie: garlic, Italian seasonings, rosemary, anything like that. It is great with dinner, and freezes well in smaller containers too!

  2. I threw some dill in it, since that is how I used to have it as a kid. My dad was raised by my Swedish Grandmother and I understand dill is used a lot in their cooking. I like to use olive oil too, but I can't find a tasty virgin olive oil for flavoring. I think that yours sound scrumptious. :)