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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yum, Bread Baking!

Is there anything like the smell of bread baking? I don't think so, and today is a perfect day for making bread. It is warm enough to get a good rise and cool enough to have the oven on for an hour. Today I am making an egg bread, one loaf and four cloverleaf rolls.
I used to bake all the time before Paige. She is my youngest and was a very demanding baby and child, so I never had my arms empty long enough to bake much. I have a pretty good repertoire which includes: English muffins, pretzels and bagels in the yeast department. It is so much fun, and if we have cool enough days this summer I will be teaching both my girls the fundamentals of yeast baking. So much of it is by feel that they really need hands on training in order to do well in it.
Tonight I am making crab cakes made with some imitation crab meat sticks that I bought on sale a couple weeks ago with a coupon. They were a very good deal, and hey, it is fish! I will pair this with some oven fries made with russets that need to get used up and the asparagus still in my refrigerator. There is no more lemon, but I do have dried lemon rind that maybe I could put in the water with the asparagus instead of steaming to give them a little lemon flavor.
If I get a chance I will post a picture of the bread and dinner along with my made up recipe for crab cakes if they come out decent.

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